Alpha Lean-7 & SNS Higenamine


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** This STACK is for ADVANCED trainers ONLY! An ADVANCED trainer is someone who has had experience with strong fat burners or pre-workouts with high caffeine, or someone who has a high tolerance to stimulant based products **

ALPHA LEAN-7 & SNS Higenamine Stack

Alpha Lean-7 + Higenamine.

Why stack these two products together?

We’ve stacked these two products for the following reasons:
– You’ve got Alpha Lean-7 a product that can give you some blasting energy during the day to hit those training sessions hard. When you add Higenamine to the mix, you are really intensifying the thermo effect on the body with the added blood flow, energy and focus which will help speed up results much much quicker. This stack is super effective and will really help speed up results. Here are some additional benefits of Higenamine:
– Fat Burning
– Appetite Control
– Mental Focus & Clarity
– No ‘Crash’ Feeling

How to take this stack?

See below on how this stack should be taken:
Morning: 1 x Alpha Lean-7 capsule + 1 x Higenamine capsules after breakfast
Before Training: 1-2 x Alpha Lean-7 + 2 x Higenamine capsules 15 minutes before training
Rest Days: 1 x Alpha Lean-7 & 1 x Higenamine after breakfast, 1 x Alpha Lean-7 & 1 x Higenamine after lunch

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm