Alpha Lean-7 & Recomp Rx


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Alpha Lean-7 & Recomp Rx. See product info for details:
– Alpha Lean-7 – Click Here for info.
– Recomp Rx – Click Here for info.

Why stack these products together?

We’ve stacked these products for the following reasons:
– Alpha Lean-7 – a POTENT thermogenic that can give you some blasting energy during the day to hit those training sessions hard. While Recomp Rx will:
– Decrease conversion of blood sugar to body fat.
– Increase muscle glycogen stores, thus increasing muscular recovery and performance potential.
– Increase bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity.
– Decrease estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.
– All-Natural Anabolic / Anti-Catabolic shown to Build Muscle and Strength.
– Non-Hormonal Recompositioning Agent.

How to take this stack?

See below on how this stack should be taken:
– Morning: 1 x Alpha Lean-7 + 1 x Recomp Rx capsule after breakfast
– Lunch: 1 x Recomp Rx after lunch
– Before Training: 1 x Alpha Lean-7
– Evening / Dinner: 1 x Recomp Rx after dinner
– Rest Days: 1 x Alpha Lean-7 + 1 x Recomp Rx after breakfast, 1 x Recomp Rx after lunch, 1 x Recomp Rx after dinner

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