Alchemy Labs Super Natty & Pump Stack

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Alechmy Labs Laxogenesis:

Alchemy Labs LAXOGENSIS is truly a one-of-a-kind Natural Anabolic that was designed to be the most potent plant-based muscle builder. LAXOGENSIS is a really unique product, because it can be taken by anyone who is looking to “Bulk up“, or it can be taken for anyone wanting to “Shred up“. It makes a great addition to any supplement cycle your currently running, or it can be ran by-itself and still deliver insane results ✔


Alchemy Labs Test-FX:


Alchemy Labs Test-FX is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement that increases natural testosterone levels, reduces unwanted estrogen levels, and can drop high cortisol levels – key factors in eliminating body fat and building lean muscle! Test-FX was formulated to be the ultimate natural testosterone booster agent that can help: increasing lean muscle, energy, sex drive, fat loss, mood, and quality of sleep! Test-FX is perfect to take after running any type of cycle for a post cycle therapy (PCT).


Test-FX Supports:

  • Muscle density & lean muscle gains
  • Stronger, harder muscles
  • Healthy balance of hormones


Alchemy Labs Inflame:

When you experience INFLAME, you will sense copious amounts of blood being forced into the muscle due to mega doses of Agmatine Sulfate and L-Norvaline. Within days, consumers have reported increased muscle strength, greater recovery, and even weight loss.


How to take this stack:

  • Take 2 Laxogenesis capsules after breakfast
  • Take 3 Inflame capsules 30 minutes before exercise.
  • Take 3 Test-FX capsules after dinner
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