Alpha Lean-7


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– Do not take 2 capsules at a time. Especially if first time user. Only 1 capsule at a time. Each capsule, 6 hours apart.
– Do not take on an empty stomach. Always eat something small before taking this product – ALWAYS!

** This product is for ADVANCED trainers ONLY! An ADVANCED trainer is someone who has had experience with strong fat burners or pre-workouts with high caffeine, or someone who has a high tolerance to stimulant based products **

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Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner by Hard Rock Supplements


Hard Rock Supplements initiates a violent assault on body fat with Alpha Lean 7, turning the chapter on conventional fat burners and changing fat loss forever.


Created for only the most experienced fitness warriors the new formulation offers an innovative arsenal of the latest chemical weaponry used to torch fat from hiding a divine physique.


Alpha Lean-7 fat burner is sinister enough to help generate severe thermogenesis, clamp down hunger pangs and accelerate metabolic rate; all the while it can amplify your energy levels and improve your focus.


Take your fat loss journey from conventional to EPIC with Alpha Lean-7 and reach your fitness and body recomposition goals like never before. Refuse to surrender to flab – BETTER GET IT NOW!


Alpha Lean-7 Benefits:
– Can Be Used By Men & Women
– Helps Torch Body Fat
– Helps Diminish Your Cravings
– Helps to Amplify Your Energy
– Helps to Increase Your Metabolic Rate
– Helps Remove Water Weight
– Promotes an Elevated Positive Mood
– Helps to Increase Concentration and Focus

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Take 1 capsule 15 minutes before training ONLY to assess tolerance. Hardcore users take up to 2 capsules per serving (ONLY IF REQUIRED)