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  • Energy & Focus
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Mood Elevation

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Looking to boost energy levels, cognitive acuity, and burn fat in the process? Unlock your body’s natural potential with Top Burn™. Made with premium patented ingredients like Alpha GPC and more, you can expect a major energy boost with enhanced “laser focus” and no jitters or crash.


Top Burn™ has been scientifically formulated so it can be used by anyone from beginners to high stimulant users. Taking anywhere from 1 to 4 capsules based on your personal preference and/or stimulant tolerance level you can add Top Burn™ into your daily regimen.

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To assess tolerance, beginners take (2) capsules daily, Intermediate take (3) capsules daily and for Advanced take (4) capsules daily on an empty stomach, preferably 15-30 minutes before breakfast.

If desired and after assessing tolerance level, the dosage can be split where additional capsules are taken 5-6 hours later.