ASL Letro XT & Hydrolyx Stack

ASL Letro XT & Hydrolyx Stack


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ASL Mass & Pump Stack ( ASL Letro XT & Hydrolyx)

Enhanced Athlete mTor + Phytodrol. See product info for details:
– ASL Letro XT – Click Here for info.
– ASL Hydrolyx – Click Here for info.


Why stack these two products together?

Letro XT is a product unlike any that has come before it, It lowers estrogen and cortisol levels. By doing this it drives your body into a mode that causes it to dry out and lean out in a very short period of time. With the patented compound Letrosterone driving Letro XT in to action.


Following the ingestion of Hydrolyx, the compound is rapidly absorbed throughout various tissues in the body. The true power of Hydrolyx is when combined with adequate hydration. Hydrolyx drives “hyperhydration” this leads to the supersaturation of muscles with fluid leading to better endurance, strength and of course, PUMPS.


The additional fluid retention in the muscles allows for additional nutrient delivery which may greatly aid in the muscle’s recovery and endurance. Hydrolyx may help in transporting other ingredients into the body and enhancing rates of absorption. This makes Hydrolyx the ultimate add on to any pre-workout or pump product to make it stronger while it can also be taken as a stand-alone product for hydration and pumps!


How to take this stack?

See below on how this stack should be taken:
Before Training: 3 x Hydrolyx Capsules 15 minutes before exercise
Evening: 2 x Letro XT capsules after dinner

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