Enhanced Athlete Arachidonic Acid


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Benefits of EA Arachidonic Acid
-Increase Lean Body Mass
-Increase Strength
-Increase Power
-Increase Endurance
-Crazy Muscle Pumps

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Arachidonic Acid – Boost Muscle Mass and Strength – Speed Up Muscle Recovery and Reduce Fatigue – 350mg x 120 Capsules

Arachidonic Acid is so powerful that its one of the only supplements recommended by the “Steroid Bible” as being comparable to Steroids while being a non hormonal supplement.


We are proud to offer PURE Arachidonic Acid without the useless fillers another brand uses. Thus you get more active ingredient per capsule. There is 350mg of pure Arachidonic Acid per capsule. 4 capsules contains 1,400mg of Arachidonic Acid. There are 120 Capsules per bottle making this the best priced Pure Arachidonic Acid available. This is as much as can be fit into a capsule because the powder is lightweight and needs to be compressed into the capsule. So if you hear of any other brands claiming more per capsule I wouldn’t believe it if its actually pure.


Boost muscle mass and strength while decreasing the recovery time in between workouts to build muscle quicker. 350mg x 120 capsules.


AMPLIFY MUSCLE GROWTH – Pack on muscle quickly and efficiently while reducing fatigue to increase the speed in which you add on muscle. Build muscle by breaking through the typical plateaus most athletes encounter.


FASTER RECOVERY – Our formula is designed to help decrease muscle recovery time so that you can get in more sets and longer reps. This means that you’ll be seeing faster results which is why we developed our Arachidonic Acid supplement.


HELPS PREVENT OVERTRAINING – Our supplement helps provide the body with what it needs to perform at its maximum potential during times of extreme physical activity. Plus it provides the body with the correct blend of ingredients to ensure your body recovers quickly and completely which helps with avoiding overtraining of the body.


HIGHEST QUALITY and POTENCY – Our Arachidonic Acid supplement provides one of the highest potency with 350mg per capsule for better and quicker results

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Training days: 4 capsules 30 minutes before training
Non Training days: 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 capsules after lunch/dinner

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 capsules
Servings per container: 30

Arachidonic Acid: 350mg per cap, 1400mg per serving