EPG Arimezome50

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ArimeZome 50 can be used as a standalone, bridge or PCT.

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Perfect Stand Alone Formula!

Why ArimeZome?

ArimeZome 50 – As a standalone, bridge or PCT. It gets its name and formulation design from a long line of EPG aromatase inhibitors.  Back in 2008 there were NO products whose ingredients actually acted as a strength gainer while boosting testosterone and simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels. Once Scoffed at as not a “true” PCT… this innovation is now copied by most leading extreme products manufacturers. EPG, the original Extreme Products Group continues this innovation with Liposomal Technology.


Lipsomal Stealth Delivery

Lipsomal Stealth Delivery passes 99% of the ArimeZome 50 formulation through the destructive gastric system to be delivered to the blood stream undetected. Liposomal Stealth delivery is the most advanced technology ever developed for getting poorly absorbed testosterone boosting and other herbal compounds into the body so they can work. Our body’s low absorption and bioavailability of a hydrophobic (fat-soluble) molecules, allows perhaps 14% of the actual product ingested to actually enter the blood stream. With Liposomal technology the bioavailability is 99%.


Who Can Take ArimeZome 50?

ARIMEZOME 50 is the undisputed champion for users looking for a PCT or to Bridge a cycle, and keep strength gains! There are few products whose ingredients actually boost testosterone while simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels.

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Take two tablets daily. You can either take them together at any time OR one in morning and one in the afternoon.