Focused Nutrition QUAD Elite


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The Key Benefits of Focused Nutrition QUAD Elite:
Quad Elite is the strongest lean bulking quad SARM stack in the industry!
– LGD-4033: 15mg
– S4: 24mg
– MK-677: 15mg
– Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione: 24mg

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What’s in Focused Nutrition QUAD Elite?

Focused Nutrition QUAD Elite is the strongest lean bulking QUAD SARM stack in the industry!
– LGD-4033: 15mg
– S4: 24mg
– MK-677: 15mg
– Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione: 24mg

Focused Nutrition QUAD Elite contains four powerful SARMs in its formulation, which are explained in detail below:

LDG-4033: One of the most potent bulking and recomping SARMs whose potency almost matches that of anabolic steroids. Coming with almost no visible side effects, LDG-4033 is a versatile SARM that’s not just known to help build up mass and prevent fat buildups, but improve recovery times significantly as well.

S-4: Also known as Andarine, this SARM enhances vascularity, optimizes your strength and endurance levels, does miracles for your joints and makes you harder and leaner in every sense. S-4 is another great addition to Quad Elite.

MK-677: Designed to increase the amounts of lean muscle gains on your body while preventing fat from accumulating in the process, MK-677 is one of the finest lean mass builders out there. This potent SARM is also known to help tighten up the loose skin and heal injuries of all sorts faster.

Arimistane: Formulated to increase the testosterone in your body while reducing estrogen, this compound will significantly increase your libido as well as reduce your body fat content and cortisol levels. Excellent SARM to keep you in shape and stop you from wasting away.

What are the benefits of LGD-4033?
– Effects similar to anabolics with size and strength
– Minimal Side Effects
– Excellent for recomping
– Healing properties
– Prevents muscle wasting
– Works well as a stand alone or stacked with other SARMS
– Great results in every aspect for different types of goals
– Half life of 24-36 hours

What are the benefits of S-4 (Andarine)?
– 1/3 as androgenic as testosterone in muscle tissue.
– Anabolic at doses above 50mg
– Great for strength
– Great for muscle hardness
– Great for enhanced vascularity
– Great for endurance (aerobic or anaerobic)
– Accelerated fat loss above 50mg
– Joint healing effects
– Half life of 4 hours

What are the benefits of MK-677?
– Increased Fat Oxidation (fat loss)
– Increased Muscle gains (lean mass)
– Tightening up loose skin
– Healing old injuries
– Healing Bones, Tendons and Ligaments

What are the benefits of Arimistane?
– Increase in testosterone levels
– Decrease in estrogen levels
– Reduction in cortisol levels (stress hormone that may result in muscle breakdown)
– Maintaining or gaining muscle mass
– Enhanced recovery
– Reduction in body fat
– Increase in drive

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