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What Is Arimistane By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?
Arimistane is the most potent anti-estrogen available. It is unique in comparison to the vast majority of anti-estrogens that were popular previously, as it is known as a “Suicide Aromatase Inhibitor”. This means that it exerts its anti-estrogenic capabilities on the Aromatase Receptor Site in a permanent fashion, which causes an immediate decrease in estrogen, coupled with an extremely long effect of reducing estrogen. This means you can experience the benefits of this compound for many months after your cycle is over!



Arimiplex brings you an advanced, multi-faceted cycle support supplement. Arimiplex can also be utilized as a standalone to maximize testosterone and lower estrogen, while getting all the additional benefits this product provides.

  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Elevate Testosterone Levels and Libido
  • Prostate Support and Protection
  • Helps Restore Liver Enzymes


How to take this stack:

  • Take 2 x Arimistane daily while on-cycle (use as OCT)
  • Take 2 x Arimiplex daily while off-cycle (use as PCT)

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