Mansports DeltaXT & PROPF3 – Lean Muscle Building Stack


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Delta XT™ – The elite choice in boosting testosterone and reducing recovery time.


There are a number of factors that could account for this; training style, diet, stress, but for most, the culprit is non-optimal testosterone levels.


This is where Delta XT™ comes to the rescue. It’s muscle reinforcement at it’s finest. Without optimal testosterone levels, you just aren’t going to build the quality muscle, boost strength or get as shredded as you dream of.* Healthy testosterone levels are critical to give you the edge you need, support body composition, reduce recovery time and unlock your true anabolic potential.


Next Generation Muscle Building

The introduction of PROPF3 enters us into the next generation of muscle building supplements. The time is now to effectively pack on lean mass, recover faster and achieve your peak physique. Loaded with growth factors, peptide protein fractions, igG, IGF-1, transferrin and lactoferrin, PROPF3 creates the perfect anabolic growth environment.


Sourced from medical grade Serum Protein, PROPF3 creates a cyclical anabolic affect through improving GI microflora composition, flooding the body with growth factors, rapid nutrient uptake, immune system stabilization and overall nutrient utilization.

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