Muscle Building & Shredding Meal Plan for Men


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This meal plan is for men who are already at a relatively low body fat percentage (between 12-16%) and are really looking to get rid of those ‘last-bits’ along with building some solid muscular gains. It’s not an easy task getting below 10% so this plan will require dedication and consistency from the trainer. This plan aims at getting the trainer below 10% body fat over the 8 week period along-side a structured weights and cardio routine.


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Introduction to our Meal Plans
We wanted to create something real and it’s super simple – if you aren’t ready to commit for the 8 weeks, don’t waste your money. You need to be ready! Going through a meal plan is hard if you are only 50/50 about it in the beginning. You have to be prepared to put in the effort, follow a system, and of course, a good exercise routine. These plans have been specifically written for people who are serious about achieving their goals.


A considerable amount of time has been put into these plans to work out exactly what foods need to be eaten and more to the point, the quantities for each meal so that you can get the the best results. Our plans are fun and realistic. Apart from the core meals, every day is different and it’s not just boring meals without flavour. A lot of the food on our social media platforms are delicious, healthy, and directly related to the plan. This is what makes it real. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you can see that we practice what we preach, and we aren’t just some fitness model brand selling you a program telling you what to eat to look good. Which in fact, how many times has that really worked for anyone?


For the price you pay, you are getting a detailed meal plan with not just a daily calorie summary count, but each individual meal is macro counted so you know exactly how many calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you are getting at that time of the day. We have also included alternative meals in case what’s on the menu doesn’t suit, or you need a change (also marco counted to suit the plan). We have even gone that little extra to calculate the approximate daily cost so you can track your budget. * It’s an approximate calculation and pricing can vary depending on product brands, etc.*


If you stick to the plan, you will get the results you are after! We know it! We’ve tested, & proven it!
Any enquiries regarding our meal plans, you can email us at: [email protected]
Alternatively, you can contact us directly through our website via the contact page.


– The genuine ‘THELIPOGUY followed & tested’ system
– Specifically written for men who want lean, shredded gains and drop body fat
– Expected weight loss (if followed correctly) 2-5kgs over 8 weeks
– Drop in body fat: 3-7% (depending on current body fat level)
– Full macro count: daily calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
– Each meal specifically macro counted
– Daily food requirements included – all macro counted
– 7-Day structure. Every day is different apart from core meals
– Alternative meals (also macro counted) to be able to mix and match
– Configured carb zones and non-carb zones
– Realistic and goal focused
– Daily budget calculated

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Follow this plan exactly and you will get the results you want :)