Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition

Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition

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This product can be used by both men and women who are tolerant towards stimulants. Looking for potent thermogenesis, energy and appetite suppression.

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Key functions of Bloodshr3d:

  • Extremely potent stimulant matrix, which kicks in quickly for energy, euphoria, appetite control and mood support
  • Helps Reduce Body Fat through multiple clinically researched pathways which promote thermogenesis and energy expenditure
  • Powdered formula allows users to adjust dosing to their needs, available in a series of unique and delicious flavours
  • Contains vegan sourced instantized BCAA’s to provide an anti-catabolic effect, protecting against muscle loss while dieting


Unique Selling Points:

  • Strongest, most potent combination stimulant matrix in a fat burning product on the market. Delivering unparalleled amounts appetite suppression, energy and focus.
  • Only fat burner on the market that delivers powerful fat burning but also control stress (KSM-66) and is anti-catabolic (BCAA’s)
  • Featuring ProGBB® to deliver unparalleled amounts of thermogenesis and sweating
  • Contains Olympus Labs in house developed custom J.Regia extract, providing the most unique good feeling energy and appetite suppression.
  • Most unique, delicious tasting flavours on the market


Technical Aspects:

  • Energy Blend (Caffeine, J.Regia and Eria J) → significantly increases levels of catecholamines, increasing energy levels →Increased Endurance, Strength, reduced feeling of fatigue, suppresses appetite and significantly boosts thermogenesis (sweating).
  • Increases Fat lipolysis (mobilisation) and Oxidation (burning) (Rutin, Chlorogenic Acid, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, Vanillin and ProgBB) → Increase AMPK, increase Adiponectin, increase uncoupling proteins, blunt fatty acid accumulation in cells → Higher metabolism, increased weight loss and thermogenesis
  • Anti-catabolic (BCAA’s) → Increases mTOR activation → increases Muscle Protein Synthesis → prevents muscle break down
  • Controls stress levels (KSM-66, Taurine) → Modulates cortisol levels and Brain GABA levels → lowers stress and anxiety while boosting calmness


Whos is Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d for:

  • This product can be used by both men and women who are tolerant towards stimulants. Looking for potent thermogenesis, energy and appetite suppression.
  • It is an innovative, flexible powdered formula, combining a number of extremely potent stimulants; therefore dosages can be tailored for each individual’s tolerance.
  • While this product shines as a fat burner taken in mornings while dieting, it can also be useful for anyone (outside of bodybuilding) to provide a boost in energy and focus and suppress appetite (replacement for morning coffee). It can also be used as a fantastic pre-workout (stacked with No Mercy etc).
  • Finally could also be used prior to very mental intensive tasks to boost performance ie work or gaming.
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Rainbow Candy, Bombsicle


Take one scoop after breakfast and one scoop 25 minutes before exercise