Primabolics Primal Test & Restore Stack


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Our sex hormones are unfortunately built from the same resources as our stress and Thyroid hormones, thus any tax on this system by a stressed lifestyle, will also negatively impact the hormonal balance of our Testosterone as well as hampering Thyroid function.


This is showed by a human trial on Ashwaganda that showed use of the herb lowered Cortisol by 32% which had a corresponding increase in Testosterone by 15%. The clear relationship of decrease Cortisol and raise Testosterone is the basis behind the formulation of PRIMAL TEST’s botanical and nutrient rich formulation.


PRIMAL TEST contains adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwaganda and Tongkat Ali.


Ashwaganda is a herb famous in Chinese medicine and human clinical trials for assisting in helping our bodies cope with stress. In its most famous clinical trial, Ashwaganda at 300mg lowered Cortisol by 32% and boosted Testosterone by 15%.


Tongkat Ali is an amazing herb demonstrated to boost Total Testosterone by 37% in clinical trials using only half the dose used in Primal Test. It is also demonstrated to lower Cortisol by 15-17% in similar studies.


The other pathyway PRIMAL TEST works is through the compounds Tongkat Ali (AKA Malaysian Ginseng) and Shilajit. Shilajit is a tar like resin, found primarily in the rocks of the Himalayas. It develops over centuries from the slow decomposition of plants.


The remarkable benefits of this resin for promoting healthy Testosterone levels can be seen in one clinical study of male volunteers between the ages of 45 and 55, half of the participants were given a placebo and half were given a 250 milligram (mg) dose of purified Shilajit twice a day. After 90 consecutive days, the study found that participants receiving purified Shilajit had a significantly higher Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone and DHEA levels compared to the placebo group.


PRIMAL test uses 450mg of purified Shilajit per serving, making it a clinical dose shown to be effective in human males.


Tongkat Ali is also a powerful potentiator of Testosterone support, with human trials showing increases in Total Test, Free Test and lowering of Cortisol. The inclusion of this herb at 450mg is a huge dosage, resulting in research backed increases in Testosterone in health males.


To complete the Testosterone supporting matrix, we have added 600mg of the ingredient Bulbine Natalensis. Bulbine Natalensis is an herb from Southern and South Eastern Africa that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac as well as some other beneficial properties. Due to its influences on cognition and sexuality, it has also been investigated for its effects on testosterone.


Three separate rat studies looking at serum testosterone levels note significant increases in circulating testosterone, and one study noted a decrease in Estrogen levels as well at the dosages used in PRIMAL TEST.


So by combining Adrenal Support from the Ashwaganda with the stimulatory effects on Testosterone and Free Testosterone of Tongkat Ali, Shilajit and Bulbine Natalensis, PRIMAL TEST is truly the gold standard in optimising male vitality.


Primabolics Restore


Adrenal and Immunity Support Supplement


Primabolics RESTORE is a supplement that works to promote healthy adrenal glands and maintain the body’s normal immune and stress responses.

Primabolics RESTORE also to promote healthy digestion, detoxification and elimination of toxins, resulting in enhanced cognition and improved quality of sleep. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime Primabolics RESTORE will help reduce long-term stress resulting in improved performance and recovery.


We recommend taking Primabolics RESTORE once per day, every day, for at least 8 consecutive weeks. Simply consume 3 capsules with water and a whole food meal.


You will notice the initial effects of Primabolics RESTORE within the first 2 weeks of use. You will begin to notice increased energy, improved recovery and reduced stress throughout the day. You can also expect to experience a variety of health-related benefits including reduced inflammation, anxiety and quality sleep, combined with a sensible dieting and training regime tailored to your health and fitness goals the hormonal regulation effects of Primabolics RESTORE will start to make substantial changes to your physique within the first 3 weeks of use.

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We recommend taking Primabolics PRIMAL TEST once per day, every day, for at least 8 consecutive weeks. Simply consume 4 capsules with water and a whole food meal.