Universal Nutrition ANIMAL M-STAK


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  • Increase Nitrogen
  • Enhance Pumps
  • Reduce Body fat

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Desperate to ignite growth?

Universal M-Stak combines a unique blend of natural herbal ecdysterones, flavones, insulin mimics and adaptogens, designed to provide a natural alternative to optimal protein synthesis for extreme muscle gains.


Utilising an approach founded in Eastern European science, the natural flavone and sterone blend enhances the uptake and utilisation of key anabolic proteins for muscle growth.


Stacked with anti-cortisol and muscle building amino acids, M-Stack also combines key ingredients designed to increase insulin sensitivity and improves the utilisation of carbohydrates on a daily basis.


And as if that’s not enough, M-Stak offers the opportunity for extreme energy enhancement with their Methylxanthine blend, which can be used at your discretion as a part of the Universal Pak system as well.


Core Ingredients
Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex

The natural flavone and sterone complex is designed to enhance protein synthesis via non-hormonal pathways. Inducing heightened protein synthesis enhances mTor activation and stimulates the growth and repair of muscle tissue.


Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex

Utilising BCAA’s as the primary ingredient within the anti-catabolic complex further enhances mTor and increases muscle protein signalling while simultaneously preventing muscle breakdown.


Anabolic Adaptogen Complex

Adaptogenic herbs reduce cellular disruption via the maintenance of adaptation and achieving homeostasis, which is a state of reaching physiological equilibrium.

Optimising homeostasis helps support all physiological functions, including muscle growth and nutrient utilisation.


Insulin Potentiating Complex

As the name suggests, the insulin-potentiating complex is designed to enhance insulin sensitivity and to drive improved GLUT 4 transportation. Through improved insulin sensitivity, the utilisation of carbohydrates becomes more efficient, meaning there is a reduced chance for fat deposition and an increased likelihood of muscle growth.


M-Factor Complex

The M-Factor Complex combines key ingredients designed to enhance the uptake, assimilation and utilisation of M-Stak to ensure all ingredients are used optimally.


Energy Complex

Designed to be used in times of high energy demand, the energy complex combines Caffeine, Kola Nut and Theobromine for enhanced catecholamine release and cognitive performance enhancement.

Simply remove the red pill if not wanting any stimulant.


Final Thoughts
Universal M-Stak utilises cutting edge ingredients to enhance muscle growth without impacting hormonal health.

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